A smart and safe space

Improve the experience, efficiency and safety in your space

The product consists of


We install small locators on the ceiling or the wall, identifying the location of each person or asset within the space.

Control App

The tablet will provide real-time information on the number of people in a space in real time.

Smart Tag

We provide Smart Tags to each individual who enters the smart area to locate it and the person within the space.

A smart technology that works via Bluetooth

Soocial works with a Bluetooth system capable of detecting exact points in real time in a limited space.


No matter the space


Our technology is global


Locate and identify people in real time


It is compatible with other technologies

Know the product

Real-time capacity control

The system allows knowing the current capacity in the space at all times.

Access to contact history

Control the entry and exit of users, as well as the time of said event.

Control the flow of people

To guarantee a correct flow of people, the user is notified when his time has been exceeded in a certain zone.

A new way to visit a space

Soocial allows you to organize visits limited in space or time. Know the time and the heatmap of every corner of your space and try to get the best result.

Get to the interesting point by the best way
  • Find routes and when is the best time to visit it.
  • Follow your personalized tour.
  • Find your companions.
Help to be found

Visitors can request assistance through the card. This will notify your request and locate the person so that it can be attended.

A position that tells a story

It knows the exact position of the people and offers narrated content when they are in front of the work, improving their experience.

Do not waste time and optimize your space