A smart and safe space

Analyze and help protect people’s lives, respecting their privacy at all times. 

Advanced technology for maximum peace of mind for your business

A high-precision real-time location system, capable of analyzing and help protect people’s lives while respecting their privacy.

It adapts to any type of space

Soocial is prepared to provide you with security and peace of mind.
Whatever your business (public spaces, private spaces).

The product consists of


We install small locators on the ceiling or the wall, identifying the location of each person or asset within the space.

Control App

The tablet will provide real-time information on the number of people in a space and will notify on any breach of the correct safety distance.

Smart Tag

We provide Smart Tags to each individual who enters the smart area to locate it and the person within the space.

A smart technology that works via Bluetooth

Soocial works with a Bluetooth system capable of detecting exact points in real time in a limited space.


No matter the space


Our technology is global


Locate and identify people in real time


It is compatible with other technologies

Know the product

Real-time capacity control

The system allows the user to be notified anonymously that he / she must quarantine.

Access to contact history
  • Entry system
  • Database to establish quarantine periods
Communicate in real time if a room needs to be disinfected before it can be used again

Meetings will now be safe

When the safety distance is not met, the user receives an alert and a vibration on their smart tag.

Allows specific users access to private rooms

Know in real time if someone is in an area marked as a restricted area.

Productively maximize space

Also, know the movement patterns to improve the space and make it easier for the security or cleaning team to do their job.

Analyze and optimize evacuation plans

Study the trajectories to establish the best routes and protocols when making the evacuation plan for the building or space.

Do not waste time and open your business safely