Safety and entertainment with a unique, easy to use and affordable system.

Follow each length live and feel safe while swimming

What is nagi technology?

It is a leading innovation technology in pool safety and tracking. Just by pressing a button, it locates you and offers swimming metrics live.

Two products in one

Connected to the lifeguard at all times

nagiGuard connects swimmers with security personnel and first responders and instantly notifies them of the need for assistance of a swimmer. nagiGuard provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind for pool staff, parents and swimmers.

Analyse your swim metrics live

nagiGo collects and stores the results and metrics (nagiZone) either at the competition level as an amateur or the occasional swimmer. It offers additional features such as gamification, challenges and personal bests in real time to improve the swimming experience.

Monitored pools

Thanks to the weekly reports know valuable data about the activity in your pool:

  • Number of users per day
  • Total number of users per week
  • Total number of users per month
  • Control of the lifeguard through the activity of the band
Leading organizations around the world trust our technology.

Jay Buckmaster


Pablo Andrade Suárez

GOfit swimmer

"Congratulations on the product, it is very easy to use and especially comfortable when swimming."
At GOfit

nagi Smartpool elevates your pool experience

If you have a sports center or a swimming pool and you want to make the leap: